Sunday, June 7, 2009


Well I have JUST this week gotten turned on to MEMEs. I came by this one and it looked fun so here I am. I already promised myself to others also. I hope this doesn't become an addiction..I hate when that happens.
Speaking of Hate....todays sunday stealing meme is Hate. I really don't "hate" many things...usually its a hate something about them if we are talking People.
20 things we hate, to be exact: so here goes:

1. Most hated food: Lamb

2. Most hated person: Gotta say he was the worst president and the dumbest- GWB

3. Most hated job: a sales clerk

4. Most hated city: Grand Island NE

5. Most hated band: whitesnake (actually ALL heavy metal and Rap)I can say that this is actually a real hate!!

6. Most hated (non-blog) website: anything encouraging hate of other races or religions.

7. Most hated TV program: FOOTBALL - It's not so much the football as it is the idiots watchijg it!

8. Most hated politician: Maybe Hitler.. not that it affected me...but he certainly hurt so many innocent people.

9. Most hated artist: van Gough.. I can paint that good!

10. Most hated book: I really don't read it if I hate I can't come up with one.

11. Most hated shop or store: Walmart

12. Most hated organization: any that call and ask for money

13. Most hated historical event: 9-11

14. Most hated sport: I don't really hate it...but don't enjoy it messing up my TV schedule.: Football ( same as #7)

15. Most hated technology: texting

16. Most hated annual event: My Birthday ..OK not really..well yes really! But, also, I do hate Christmas. What it represents that is. It's all about gifts... It's sad! and I am a terrible shopper. So I never know what to get people. It' s stressful!!

17. Most hated daily task: gettting out of bed :) Cleaning the kitchen...UH wait.. I think the real answer is..... cleaning. (any kind)

18. Most hated comedian: Don Rickels

19. Most hated blog: one that isn't english because I can't read it

20. Most hated song: well this website tells it all OK maybe its the singers.

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Hootin' Anni said...

Your comments are working!!!! Cool!!!!

Oh ya....that GWB was [and still is for that matter] a huge sore in our history.

You hate lamb? Y'know I think I've only had leg of lamb once in my life and can't remember the taste.'s been years!

Happy Sunday, glad you saw my note I left you.

Now I can keep up with your blogging.

Lani said...

thanks for writing Anni!! and again that's for the heads up on my comments...they obviously are working now! woooo hooo!!

I guess I did the meme corectly too??? Boy, I am learning! I was beginning to think I was slowing down a bit too much...ugh

Becca said...

OMG I agree about people who call asking for money. When I was helping my sick grandparents a few weeks ago, a man called asking for money. When I told him my grandparents were both sick and in and out of the hospital, he completely ignored me to keep asking for money. I hope he gets no money!

Lani said...

I emailed you Becca...but in case you don't get it... thanks for writing!! I TOTALLY agree with you!
Thanks for stopping by!!

Sue said...

I never liked lamb either, I forgot about that. I said texting too. Great answers. Thanks for sharing.

Lani said...

thanks for writing Sue.
Its funny that lamb came to my mind right off ther bat! and I only had it once when I was about 10 yrs old and I was in the hospital at the time..LOL and you know what they say about hospital food!:-) I thought of a bunch of stuff after I already posted.
I guess texing would be great if you had the exact perfect phone that is made for texting. I have seen how the kids text...I don't know how they do that! thanks for writing!!

Skittles said...

Although I hate to use the word "hate" I know this is just a meme and allowances can be made. I see we agree on some answers even if I didn't play. :)

Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. I hope I don't overindulge on pizza ever again.

Have you played my Tuesday meme Heads Or Tails? It has a small but dedicated group of players. Hootin' Anni is one. Early sign-in is Monday nights. :)

Lani said...

Skittles.... HI
Thanks for writing.. YES I do know about heads or tails and I already have my post done and ready to post :-) Yours was the first meme I found and decided to do. But since it isn't Tuesday I have been hanging on to it :-)
I absolutely plan on playing!
Thanks again for writing! Take care.

joyce said...

What's a meme?...Like a theme? Thanks for coming by my blog. I think a list of 20 hated things is interesting.

Lani said...

Hi Joyce... good question..I have been asking that question too...the best I can tell is like you said...a theme...sort of a gathering of info on a theme put in one spot, I guess.... why they call it meme..I have no idea.
Hey you are welcome and thank YOU also for stopping by my blog!! L