Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Vacation A Year, Keeps The Sanity Near

We try to take at least one vacation a year...often we get 2 in.  In Feb we drove (3 days) to Az and spent 3 days there and drove 3 days back. We also, for whatever reason, took our 4 month old puppy with us. What an adventure. After 12 hrs of driving , we landed in Dallas, Tx at the Had Rock cafe for dinner. We were lucky enough to find a parking space right outside the cafe in front of windows so we could watch over our Ellie! I was a mess...all I wanted was a strong drink. Never again will we drive....never!
We have a passion for the Hard Rock cafes. If we visit a city or Island that has one we have to look it up!! We also visited the Albuequerque Hard Rock Hotel, which is awesome. We always have to buy an article of clothing and a hurricane glass. I recently have begun saving their hard rock pins, also.  Since we had our puppy in the car we couldn't spend a lot of time inside on this trip, but we were at least able to purchase a few things.
Dallas Hard Rock cafe

                                                      Ellie in her bed/ carrier.
Then last month we took an Alaskan Cruise, visiting Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway and Victoria, Canada.  We left From and ended up in Seattle, where we spent a couple days sight seeing! We went whale watching in Juneau and even tho it was pouring rain, we got our money's worth!  It was all good but colder than I like!!  I really enjoyed Victoria and Seattle.  We had beautiful weather while we were there. Pictures to come :-)