Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A hello to my blog friends!

Hello everyone.. I am just checking in to say Hi! I hope all is well with all of you.
I have started to organize my craft room and get the projects that I hope to get done all in order.
I had such a mess down there. I have a few finishing touches on a couple projects and then hope to forge ahead with new projects!

I have been playing way too much of farmtown...does anyone here play? how crazy it is too get so involved in a game on the computer. Between that and blogging, I normally struggled to get things done around here and stay on track. Now with crafts that I am trying to tackle I feel like I have NO time at all to do other things.

On top of that I have decided to take a couple courses on Jewery making at our community college. And if possible some guitar lessons :-)

I'll check in later.... until then...

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Monday Crazy Questions is posted !!

Monday crazy questions : A Meme is back
Just a few crazy questions to answer for fun
I am up and running again and hope your'll join me and play along.
Thanks for all the kind notes!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Some art projects I have done and need to finish!

I am posting some of my creative genius for Stef to see...HA!!!!
I have a few projects but just didn't finish a LOT of things...I need to get back down to the "room" to get more projects done so that means...less puter time...OH whoa is me.

Ok these are a few of the projects and just play that I have done the last yr or 2
The first one is watercolor play...I have never water colored so took a quick class and am not sure I could ever be good at it...its so much harder than I thought it would be!

This is using all's hard too, because it dries so fast. I have some shadowing and some finishing that needs to be done

this is also acrylic.. a little figurine like the snowman and then just layer on the colors. This also has shadowing, highlighting , as well as her face, and detail on her pumpkin etc, to be finished yet!

the snowman figurine before

and of course he needs some detail work to be finished.

these were 2006 Christmas projects leftovers...I sent some out to Mikes nieces.

Last Thanksgiving I did this for took me forever! I am so too picky. It is an all wood tray. I actually FINISHED this! I do like it!

I did this for my Den... I wasn't totally happy with it, but went ahead and framed it. Some day I will re do it and swap the painting out.

this is a paint brush box...I kind of chopped it off when I took the pic...hopefully you get the idea... this is the Donna Dewberry One Stroke method which I do not screwed me up on doing my regular brush stroking for awhile . NOT a favorite project of mine, by any means!

I have lots others to be started...and as you can see I have to finish a lot of things! I just need to go down there and get busy! maybe I should move my computer down there???? :-)

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Where the hell is Matt: gives ya goose bumps.

I think this was the first one I saw??

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Video of the week.: where the hell is Matt outtakes

This video always makes me feel good...
are you one that kept track of Matt and his dancing around the world??( where the hell is Matt?) I think it's so cute and funny. I don't know if he still does this or not...but it was big around the world for quite awhile... I think it was the natives of the land, rather than him dancing at times. And other times it'd him dancing alone or with the native people. But, he must have a lot of cash to travel all over just to make videos that are posted on You Tube.
Anyway, I hope you get a smile from this!

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