Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rambling in different directions.

Gosh it's been awhile since last posting. I edited the pictures of my little Ellie in the previous  post and decided as long as I am here I may as well drop a note..
Every time I am here....I always wonder why I don't spend time blogging any more. I enjoyed it a lot....but I do a lot of private journaling so maybe that is why I stay away from the blog.
I still want to upload some pictures from our Alaska trip and and some favs from other trips...I should do that....Hmmmmmmmmmmm

Sweet Verbena: Spoonable Smoothies: a recipe

I signed up for pininterest and it seems like it's going to fab!  BUT, I haven't got it figured out yet! One of the many pinners I chose to follow was someone who had a food blog...  This looked very good and since I LOVE sharing food I decided to share this recipe.

Sweet Verbena: Spoonable Smoothies: a recipe: I live about 5 seconds from one of those little frozen yogurt stores. At Red Mango they serve these awesome spoonable smoothies with fr...