Sunday, October 11, 2015

It's October already

It is a warm, sunshiny, and just gorgeous day today.  It's supposed to be 90 degrees F's feels like it will get there or higher. We may not have that many warm days left this I'm not complaining.  I just dread winter and I want to go spend a few months in Arizona.

It's been nearly 3 weeks since we lost our Ellie and it's getting maybe a bit easier, but I still have my moments everyday. We miss her so much. If there was ever a perfect dog...she was it. Ellie would have turned 5 on Friday, the 9th of Oct.  Zoey doesn't seem to notice that Ellie is gone.  She has really calmed down and changed in a lot of ways.  She is a sweet dog, but very needy at times.  :-)  Who couldn't love this face?