Saturday, September 7, 2013

Seems like yummy recipes are posted on Facebook constantly…..

This is NOT gluten free..... but sounds heavenly.
Or does it just seem that way because I am not supposed to eat them? I really would love to make these!!!!

Recipe summitted by Rhonda Hasted
Best darn Brownies:
Lunchroom Ladies 50 year old recipe.
1 c butter ...
1/2 c cocoa
2 c flour
2 c sugar
4 eggs
4 tsp vanilla
1 c chopped nuts
Pour in 9x13 pan, bake 20-25 mins on 350.
Check at 20 mins
1/4 c softened butter
¼ c can milk (regular milk is fine)
1/4 c cocoa
3 c powdered sugar
dash salt
Mix all together & frost as desired.

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