Friday, September 6, 2013

And the good news is………….


At least there was good news and the biopsies taken were all negative.  That was a relief. I also have noticed I am feeling stronger just lately. So I am feeling like I may get back on my feet and back to normal soon, It will be a year in November since this misery all started…..So I am ecstatic that finally, I am having some improvement!

The bad news is that on Monday I climbed out of bed and my back went out on me. We spent the day on Sunday walking, so maybe I jarred my back…I don’t know. I have had herniated discs before and I am not in quite as much pain as I was in when that happened, so I think this will heal much quicker.

The biggest problem with this is that fall and winter is upon us . I hardly got outside all summer, since I felt so lousy. So now, I am starting to feel better just in time for the cold weather!    ugh!

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