Sunday, June 6, 2010

Are you a facebook game junky?

Hey everyone...
I wish I'd get back to writing everyday again...instead of every decade :-)
I have really had some health problems pop up and have a long road a head of me to get the Drs to figure out what is happening to me.
In the meantime, I spend my days playing stupid games on Facebook, as well as chatting with friends from there.   If you want to be my friend....look me up.. Lana Jurgens.

Anyway..I always  enjoy the blog part of this because I feel somewhat cleansed after writing. It's sort of like talking to a friend. Ya know? Everytime I blog, I always wonder why I don't do it regularly.
It's unreal that it's been so long since I played on the blogs. I kind of liked those little blog games....and there were a couple especially, that I thought were so much fun. I'll have to look a few of those up.

Once I got involved in Facebook and the games they offer, it really took up all my spare time. I play Farmville, Social City, Cafe World and My Town.  I also have another 5 or 6 that I mess with now and then...but these 4 are my favs. But, it's too much to handle that many all at once, so I switch back and forth between them. It's amazing how I can be anywhere and start talking about Facebook to someone and they ask what games I play...they know all about the games...  I usually hear something like...oh everyone plays Farmville.  Sometimes, I wonder if I didn't get enough playtime in when I was a kid. :-)  But, I am definitely making up for it. :-)  I didn't get near the painting done this last year as I had hoped.

I have a few craft  projects started and I really am determined to get them painted before summer is over. I am working on a large tin watering can. I plan to paint a watermelon and other fruit onto the watering can one I get my background painted to my liking.. I hated the the school bus like yellow that I chose for the background so sponged on a lighter cream color over it. So we'll see. I may change my mind about what to paint over the background. I toyed with flowers instead of the fruit. Nothing comes easy for me.

I hope to connect with a few of you...leave me a note when you stop by and let me know whats new in your life.

purple w shadow


Susan at Stony River said...

That's funny -- I just yesterday returned to Facebook after a year-long or so hiatus. I was always on dial-up, and a while back they changed something so that the pages never loaded for me anymore, and now I've got broadband (yay!)

Never understood the games there however -- I do like it when someone pops up to tell me hello and 'friend' me, or when I find some news about old friends.

Good luck with those health problems; not having a diagnosis to deal with can be scary.

Lana said...

Hi Susan
It was nice of you to stop by! I have been messing with my page today and screwed it all up. I finally got my original page to come back but I have things there I don't know what to do with. also I didn't find todays date nor can I find a comment button so I thought no one could comment.. I am not sure at what stage of my pages your commented however...the only way I knew I had a comment was I was looking in my post drafts and it said 1 comment beside it. I don't understand why I don't see my page like I did before..I saved it and then just re-imported it when I wanted to go back to it.
If you get a chance...will you look back and see if there is still a place for people to comment??

Yes you are right..I am very scared right now....
Welcome back to facebook...if you ever enter farmville may never get yourself back! :-)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear from you my friend and glad that you are a okay. I have a facebook account but all I really use it for it to post stuff from my blog and I have it set so mainly only friends can see it. I don't know why but oh well...that's just me.