Thursday, February 4, 2010

Revisiting old friends

I haven't been here for ages... It has been so long...that I forgot how to find it. It took a while.but finally I figured it out!

I began just looking at blogs today. Something I haven't done for so long! I found a great blog with some great photos of Az.. My favorite place. I'd love to move there. It's my dream! Hopefully, one of these'll happen.

We have had a particularly nasty winter this year. Lots of snow and it's been soooooooo cold!

We took a trip to Jamaica last was a nice break! We left there about one hour before the earthquake hit Haiti. I have heard that it was gently felt in Jamaica, but I don't know if that is true.

I hope this finds everyone well. I need to visit more often....I forgot how much I enjoyed blogging!

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joyce said...

Good to hear from you again Lani. I know how it is when you let it slide, then your life goes on perfectly well without it, but once you even look at a blog it makes you want to jump right back in! Jamaica for a's on my most wanting to visit list.

Lani said...

Hi Joyce....nice to hear from you!!!
We went to Jamaica last month for a week....did I say month???? LOL it rained the whole time we were there but still it was warm and we enjoyed it...but I think I would have become bored in a month!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Well my long lost friend. Welcome back. Getting tired of that damn old facebook? ROFLMAO!!! Glad your back and hope you stick around. :) Oh and if you bring back Monday Crazy Questions can we make it on Tuesday or Wednesday? LOL I loved that meme :)

Lani said...

HI Thom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey how's it goin!!??

Great to hear from you....unfortunately I am so darn busy with a hundred things that are off shoots of FB. BUT, I don't know...I may just have to think about this...I had fun with the MEME and yes tues or wed would be fine! :-)
nice to hear from you!

Panache4u2 said...

LOL Lanarae in the blog..How are u girl? What a surprise to see u bloggin again..or was this an attempt at a blog..once its in your blood its hard to let it go.
Hugs from the north..Peter

Lani said...

Hey, my you show up in the strangest places :-)

Nishant said...
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