Monday, August 3, 2009

Some art projects I have done and need to finish!

I am posting some of my creative genius for Stef to see...HA!!!!
I have a few projects but just didn't finish a LOT of things...I need to get back down to the "room" to get more projects done so that means...less puter time...OH whoa is me.

Ok these are a few of the projects and just play that I have done the last yr or 2
The first one is watercolor play...I have never water colored so took a quick class and am not sure I could ever be good at it...its so much harder than I thought it would be!

This is using all's hard too, because it dries so fast. I have some shadowing and some finishing that needs to be done

this is also acrylic.. a little figurine like the snowman and then just layer on the colors. This also has shadowing, highlighting , as well as her face, and detail on her pumpkin etc, to be finished yet!

the snowman figurine before

and of course he needs some detail work to be finished.

these were 2006 Christmas projects leftovers...I sent some out to Mikes nieces.

Last Thanksgiving I did this for took me forever! I am so too picky. It is an all wood tray. I actually FINISHED this! I do like it!

I did this for my Den... I wasn't totally happy with it, but went ahead and framed it. Some day I will re do it and swap the painting out.

this is a paint brush box...I kind of chopped it off when I took the pic...hopefully you get the idea... this is the Donna Dewberry One Stroke method which I do not screwed me up on doing my regular brush stroking for awhile . NOT a favorite project of mine, by any means!

I have lots others to be started...and as you can see I have to finish a lot of things! I just need to go down there and get busy! maybe I should move my computer down there???? :-)

purple w shadow


Anonymous said...

Very talented. I like those. You do good work. :)

Lani said...

thank you Sweet Thom :-)
That is so nice of you....u r too kind! :-)

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh my gosh....each and every ONE is super. I especially love the Halloween of course, being the fanatic of the season that I am.

Love 'em Lani.

Lani said...

thank you so much, Anni... I think you may have seen a few of them when I had my very first blog.. I remember you stopped in a couple times :-)
That Halloween one is a favorite of mine too! I painted it on a rather thick board. I'd like to redo it onto a thin piece of wood to hang it. It took me a long time to do that one too! LOL I wish all I did was paint! I have too many distractions!
I admire that you didn't even turn your computer on the other day! I am gong to have to learn to do that or I'll never get any painting done!
thanks for stopping in!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

lani, lani! i absolutely love the beach scene and the halloween one. girl, where have you been hiding???? that paint brush box is stunning and the snowman is gorgeous. WOW! more! more!


Lani said... are MORE than kind!!! LOL I haven't even painted since I started that thanksgiving girl(actually she has wings to be put on and a candle goes in the holder on her hands). I HAVE to finish it and get the finish work done on the snowman too! I always get more motivated at this time of year because we are approaching holidays. I HATE holidays....but I love the things to paint around holidays. Pumpkins, snowmen, etc. I absolutely would have to spend less time on the computer to get into my painting again! I have a niece that wants to paint with me and My sister and I have promised we'd get projects done and thought maybe we'd paint together!
So, I'll get on it again soon, I hope.
thanks so much for your nice compliment! I am never happy with the stuff I do because I am so anal about how things SHOULD be.
and you know my real name is Lana and read that backwards. See I was destined to be anal! UGH

Lani said...

Stef...sorry I butchered your name up A typist I am NOT

Anonymous said...

Wow! You are really talented!!! You should sell your work.
I like to do crafts and such, put I haven't had the motivation to do any. I do sketch every now and then though.

Lani said...

Mejis...Thanks so much! Motivation is a BIG part of it and I am not a real motivated person. We have local craft shows and I have considered what it would take to stack a booth for a I think I'd have to work for a full year to get enough done for a weekend craft show.
I have trouble getting a few things done for myself and my nieces for Christmas. I wish I was more motivated! thanks so much for your comment!

Call Me Cate said...

Hi. I wanted to stop by and say thanks for following my blog (and return the favor). You are very talented - I can paint a wall but that's about it.

Lani said...

thanks Cate!
I appreciate the visit and the comment!!!!

joyce said...

You're a wonderful painter...I have always wanted to be able to paint, both pictures and on objects. Maybe someday. My favourites are the halloween one and the wooden tray.

Lani said...

thanks so much Joyce! have to say those are my favs too..I love halloween and thanksgiving stuff....:-) thanks for stopping by! Hugs

slacker-chick said...

Wow - you're artistic too! Lovely work.

Just wanted you to know that I (finally) wrote a post about the Major Award you gave me - thanks again Lani! :)


Lani said...

thanks slacker chick...!! for letting me know.

No meme today because I have been locked out of my blog... I don't understand it but blogspot showed I was trying to access the network with spam like equipment or something..and then my internet died and I can't get connected for long spans of time...anyway we are getting a new computer soon! I hope to post a meme later in the week...

bettyl said...

Very nice, all of the projects! You have lots of talent to do such different things.

Lani said...

thank you Betty! Lani

Nishant said...
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