Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A hello to my blog friends!

Hello everyone.. I am just checking in to say Hi! I hope all is well with all of you.
I have started to organize my craft room and get the projects that I hope to get done all in order.
I had such a mess down there. I have a few finishing touches on a couple projects and then hope to forge ahead with new projects!

I have been playing way too much of farmtown...does anyone here play? how crazy it is too get so involved in a game on the computer. Between that and blogging, I normally struggled to get things done around here and stay on track. Now with crafts that I am trying to tackle I feel like I have NO time at all to do other things.

On top of that I have decided to take a couple courses on Jewery making at our community college. And if possible some guitar lessons :-)

I'll check in later.... until then...

purple w shadow


Anonymous said...

Busy girl you are. Good luck with the classes. I couldn't to a game and give up my friends I've made blogging. In actuality I'm no good at computer games :)

Lani said...

Hi Thom
well actually I have to back off the blog and the games..OR I will never accomplish what I hope to this season. My sister and are always saying every year that we'll get together and do a marathon painting session..(to try to get a lot done in a short time).but we don't get it I am just going to have to use my time wisely and spend more time on my projects every day!. I usually send some out for gifts to nieces and nephews at Christmas and it has to be started early or they'd never be done in time.
I am going to try to do at leat one meme...maybe 2 a week. I like the friday flash and I like theSaturday I'd like to stay with those at least. I know I won't have enough time for more than that.
I had to prove to myself that "there is a life out there besides blogging" :-)

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

good for you! keeping yourself busy. don't throw any crafting stuff out, send me pics and i'll take them off your hands - LOL. no seriously.

sounds like you're feeling better and that's good.

and what the heck is farmtown????


joyce said...

A craft room...sigh......I almost want to tell me teenagers to hurry up & move out so I can have a craft room. Almost that is! And although I've never played that game, I have had the experience of getting addicted to a computer gamesite......ever hear of Pogo? Thank god I got it out of my system.

Nishant said...
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