Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Zemanta: a new app Can you Digg it? Or twitter it? Probably.

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Today I have no meme to do..yea.... I think I have gotten in a bit too deep into blogging and memes.

I love to sit at the computer but, my house suffers.
Which reminds me of another thing...when I am sitting here I am not exercising. I have gained a few pounds this season and I need to do something about it!!! It seems I want to munch while sitting at the computer. I need more exercise and less calories.

I also do facebook! I like it alot! I twitter too,but have no idea why. I really don't get twitter.
Another thing I have attempted is Digg. Another very strange application that seems like more work than it's worth! Then there is triond

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and the list goes on. Who has time for all this. I don't even work outside the house and I feel over whelmed

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I just picked up an add on to firefox called Zemanta. So, I downloaded it. It sits beside what you are writing with .Blogspot, Facebook etc) and offers articles, links and graphics. Hence, all the logos, links and tags that you see here. You can even reblog my blog by clicking on the little reblog word at the bottom right of my post.
Is this all getting a little too much or what. Wow, we used to think kids were neglected when there was just TV that babysat them... now with all the other influences, kids can be babysat all day long, unless the parents balance their kids time carefully. If kids are on a computer and not interacting normally with other people...wouldn't you think they might just end up anti-social. Oh..I think I might have that!
I have found myself staying in a lot more than going out these days. (When I do exercise I just get out another electronic gizmo called WII )
Well that's technology for ya!

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Anonymous said...

I don't do any more of those. They just take up too much time and I like my blog the best. I don't think the computer makes you anti-social...look at all the people you meet and exchange ideas with. As long as you can make time for other things that's all that anyone can ask.

Lani said...

HI Thom.. I don't do it too much...probably won't keep this one either! But sometimes I just like to try things...I am curious like a little kid sometimes!

Well I guess we stay social don't we,...just in a different way :-)Thanks for writing! :-)

Anonymous said...

See when you left that comment on my blog about that Zemanta I am real leary of adding stuff like that. I keep my firefox almost add on free. I rather just have it do what I want it to do. LOL Less of a pain in the ass if ya ask me. I would uninstall it :)

Lani said...

well I think I figured ou how to get rid of the links...I had to work with it a bit...the cool part is it supplies pictures to you while you write and you just have to click to add a pic. I hate looking for pics for a post.
\But we'll see.. I haven't figured ot how to uninstall it yet, but have written the company...hope to hear from them soon :-)