Thursday, June 4, 2009

Is Shite a cuss word?

Well, if it isn't then SHITE SHITE SHITE. And even if it is....same thing.

I have had a lot of trouble this last year with aches and pains. I started with arthritic pain in my 40s, actually. But, recently I have realized that if I do anything that is even slightly over exertion, I pay for it!
We got a WII for Christmas and I enjoy it a lot! I got the WII sports add on and began an exercise program.
Are you supposed to feel sick and miserable when you are doing something so good for you?
Well, ya wouldn't think so, would ya?
I slowed the exercise down and soon it had come to a dead halt. I began noticing the pounds coming back on and kept telling myself I need to get back with some kind of exercise..
My daughter bought me a new addition to the WII for my Birthday and I have had it just a week. I really like it a lot, but my gawd, I really don't know why I have to hurt so bad after doing something so fun. It's called ACTIVE Personal Trainer. Featuring Bob Greene, Oprah's trainer.
OK, so after using it, a few days ago, I could hardly get out of bed the next morning. I laid on the heating pad for awhile and then sort of hobbled around all day. I found myself saying SHITE and a few more choice words. I didn't even over do the exercise! Well, maybe I did.
Day before yesterday I felt better, so I got back on the WII, working only my arms. Awwwww, I didn't hurt so bad yesterday, so I am going to work on the upper body again today.

I always thought it'd be different for me, but a word to the wise. Aging affects everyone and is a pain in the ass. And in the back, shoulders, knees.... You get the idea!

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