Sunday, June 21, 2009

MONDAY Crazy Questions

To do the meme go to and copy and paste the meme onto your page and fill in your answers. Don't forget to sign in with Mr Linky so I know where to find your answers.

1. MEN- Boxers, briefs or commando?

Women's panties or knickersImage via Wikipedia

LADIES-Hipsters, thongs or granny panties? Well no thongs that's all I can say ! :-)

2. have you ever had an infatuation with someone on the internet? No

3. a 20 dollar bill is laying on the door step of a store as you are leaving. Half the bill sits outside the door..half in. do you turn it in or pocket it?
If you were coming INTO the store would it make any difference in your decision? This is something we go around about here... I believe you need to turn it in to the store...but other half says...well it probably isn't theirs either... so I think if I was going IN to the store I'd probably hand it to the clerk. And besides..I am the type to get paranoid and think it's a trick...

4. you just won the lottery....your family will be all over it as soon as they find out. Do you try to keep from telling them about it? NO I'd just move as far away as I could.

5. Did you ever play ' I'll show you mine, if you show me yours', when you were a child?
Not sure...but, when I was 7, I did play pee in the coffee can with a neighbor boy. Right in his driveway for the whole world to see. My dad whooped my butt with a hairbrush! whew..I almost never peed again. :-)

6. Do you remember a huge crush you had on someone while in high school?
Did the crush turn into more?
well I had lots of crushes and was dating my ex husband...but there was a guy who was a senior and I was a sophomore. His locker was next to mine and I would see him every day when leaving for the day. I thought he was so hot! his name was Dwight. He'd barely smile at me now and then :( Now that I think of it..I bet he was gay...:-)

7. Have you ever had a full body massage?
Were you comfortable or uneasy about being touched all over?Massage in Frankfurt, Germany
Just last month on a cruise I has a fully body ht stone massage...Man oh man.. I have always been very bothered by people messing with me under my first I was uncomfortable and started feeling so good... If it hadn't have been so expensive I would have gone back again the next day!

pouring water for wet-tshirt, Panama City Beac...

8. What do you think of wet tshirt contests?

Wierd I asked questions that I really didn't give any thought to...this was kind of hard.. I know guys love em...but I think they are degrading to women and I can't believe women even allow men to do that to them....
on the other hand...upside down margaritas are good :-)


Melissa B. said...

I think wet T-shirt contests are pretty nasty objectification rituals, but I was known as a streaker, in my day. BTW, don't forget to swing by and celebrate Sx3 with me today. A Tar-Jay Gift Card is at stake!

Living It, Loving It said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. How funny that we both have the same first name, have Arthritis and Fibro.

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

Lani, thanks so much for visiting my blog and inviting me to "monday crazy questions". this is too cool so i'm following so i don't miss out on the good stuff.

i'm also in the midwest - illinois - we could be neighbors?


Veggie Mom said...

Hope you have an easier time viewing my blog the next time you drop by. My husband always answers the first question "commando," but I know it's not true. He's a tighty-whitey kinda guy!

I am Harriet said...

Pee in a coffee can? Good thing there is cable now :)

Lani said...

Hi Melissa.. did you leave your answwers somewhere fot thr MCQ??
I didn't see any...
Have a great day.. I agree on the wet tshirt !!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think I've heard of Pee in the Coffee can. lol

Lani said...

yep Pee in the coffee can,,, we made that one up!! :-)

Ribbon said...

lovely blog you have here.
thank you for your visit to mine.

yes I too wish that having a good massage wasn't sooo expensive because then we would all be having them and feeling fabulous all the time :-)

best wishes

Lani said...

thanks for stopping by Ribbon!!! Lani

chicamom85 said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, I just got started on my crazy Monday questions and I got called away, so I am going to try to finish now even though its almost Tuesday lol.


Lani said...

Hi Chicamom---so glad you stopped by....
thanks for joining in!! Hugs