Sunday, June 28, 2009

Monday Crazy question : Likes Or Dislikes

This weeks meme: personal likes or dislikes
Welcome to the JUNE 29th version of Monday Crazy Questions
(which will be posted by Sunday eve)
Every Monday we will post questions that we hope are a little thought provoking! Have fun!

1. what would you say is your biggest blessing ? Having people in my life who care so much about me! (My kids and S/O)

2. do you shop on line...Home goods or personal items? Can you tell us what personal items you look for?? I do shop on line a LOT! Both personal and home goods! I do lands end, famous footwear, Jc Pennney, and many more. I would rather do that than run all over the place anytime! Especially when I am getting ready to take a vacation!. Nothing juicy no thong underwear or whips and chains.

3. Name a song from your past that you have always loved. what year was it recorded? really there are so many...but Keith Whitleys rendition of "when you say nothing at all" and "Don't close your eyes." He recorded them in 1988 just before his death...but I think it was probably around 1992 before I was aware if him.

4. If you found out there was a pedophile living in your neighborhood, would you take any action or ignore the fact?? I don't have children at home now...s I wouldn't be near as bothered as I would be if I had small children. I think if I knew one lived in the neighborhood, I would probably try to make sure that families with children would be aware of it.

5. If you could live in any city In the USA...what would it be. I think Castle Rock CO in the summer...and sedona AZ in the winter!

6. what is the one city you wouldn't live in even if you were paid to!? I think it'd have to Be LA...

7. If you were strapped for cash would you ask a parent or sibling for money? My parents are both gone and I don't feel my siblings would be in any condition to I think I'd have to find a bank or a charge card! I will never have to worry about being left with a fortune by a family member :-(

8. what is your most favorite thing to do to relax when you are not working? I take breaks all day long at the computer to check on all the blogs :-) Sometimes that isn't that relaxing though :-)
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Anonymous said...

Great questions, great answers!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

not the answer i gave, but i'd have to agree with LA

great answers and always fun.


chicamom85 said...

Very nice answers, fun meme. Honestly no thongs??


Anonymous said...

Loved the answers. I'm not a shopper very much. Find a bank or charge it :)

I am Harriet said...

I agree with you on checking on blogs for relaxation.

Amber Star said...

I found your blog over at Thom's and thought I'd give it a whirl today. Thanks for not making me think too hard this morning.

Amber Star said...

I couldn't find Mr. Linky anywhere.

joyce said...

I want to do this too, but I can't figure out how to add the links to my own blog.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want to live in LA either. Too much going on, too much crime, smog...bleh!

Lani said...

hey everyone...I guess I should answers my comments... can I do it all in one...plllzzzz
Thanks to all who played today! Next week we will have an interesting subject!

Nessa said...

i think the questions were great, not too hard but thought provoking.

Laane said...

I've enjoyed reading your answers.

My answers are here

Have a nice week.