Sunday, June 14, 2009

help with windows errors when visiting blogs

Is anyone having the following problems with getting into blogs??? I have it daily...both with google chrome and windows internet explorer.
I have thought it may be my internet provider....BUT I have had RR for years.
The only other thing that I have wondered about is if it might be a software that I clean my registery with and clean cache and junk files with. They are both paratologic products... called REGCURE and PARETO PC. I started using them a few months ago.

any ideas?? here's a print screen of the errors. Hopefully you can read them well anough to get the idea...any ideas anyone?

purple w shadow


Anonymous said...

I have gotten those as well. It looks to me like you are using IE8 and/or Windows 7 RC. I have upgraded to windows 7 RC and love it. But I don't like IE8 at all. I get plenty of problems like that which you are displaying on this post. I tried Chrome and there is something about it that I have a hard time doing a post. So I have and continue to use Firefox. Version 3.0.11. I tried the Firefox 3.5 beta and there are some problems with that and all of this so I reverted back. I have no problems using Firefox and don't get those errors. Over the years I have tried registry cleaners etc and they seem to do more damage than good to my computer. I don't use anything like that any longer. I just let my computer chug away, keep my trendmicro antivirus program going and plug away, with no problems Aloha :)

Lorielle said...

IE8 is awful... I couldn't get online to pay my Verizon bill - I kept getting the error that you refer to. I switched to Firefox and I'm not having any issues at all. I was very anti-Firefox for a long time because I just didn't want to change... but now, I won't be going back to IE. Try FF and see if that helps!

Lani said...

thanks Thom and lorielle!!
I just downloaded IE 8 a few weeks ai and have tried to figure out how to get rid of the upgrade...and go back to my IE 7..
but can't find a w ay to go back! :-(
I was actually even going to reset my computer with Go GACK to the 1st of the month..
BUT I am afraid I'll remove something I shouldn't.
Thanks for your help..I think I'll try firefox!

Lani said...

I did download firefox and so's running excellent!

Anonymous said... Check that link for the downgrade